ProjectCoaching is the pre-eminent choice for empowered transformations and collaborative solutions when the case is Information Management, Business Innovation, and Systems Engineering.

We support our customers in developing their activities, using knowledge and experience derived from our research and practical work. Most of our assignments concern business development, management control and personal leadership.

The ability to combine a blend of relevant theory and practical experience with the ideas and resources of our clients, set us apart from most other consultancies. Through any process we work with our customers, not just for them - in achieving long-term success.

It is this combination of experience and formal skills, together with our intellectual curiosity, that makes the good work.

All our consultants are well educated and free lance, giving us the best terms to repeatedly gain updated information/knowledge about market trends and keeping up front in the matter of accomplish solutions based on best practice.

Customers are private and public organizations of all sizes. We operate fully professional on every level in the organization, making our joint competence beneficial to our customers.

Specializing in: management consulting * leadership development * performance improvement * team development * change customer service * strategic process management * personal development * improvement planning * reengineering * training

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